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What is The Mission Of The Cultural Exchange Tours to China And Beyond?

The Law Offices of Craig L. Thorpe, P.C as part of its Cultural Initiative designed The Cultural Exchange Tours to China and other countries to provide an complete Islamic and Cultural experience, designed to encourage International Travel, Cultural Relationship Building, and Economic Exchange. 

Tours To China Brief History

The history of Islam in China can be traced back to 616-18 AD when it was introduced into China by Sa’ad ibn abi Waqqas. In 637 AD Sa`ad ibn Abi Waqqa and three Sahabas, Suhayla Abuarja, Uwais al-Qarni, and Hassan ibn Thabit, came to China from Persia for the second time. It is believed that the actual practice of Islam in China happened in 651 AD when Sa`ad ibn Abi Waqqas was sent as an official envoy to Emperor Gaozong who ordered the building of the Huaisheng Mosque in Guangzhou in memory of Prophet Muhammad.

How does Islamic Cultural Exchange Tours fit into CTLP's objectives?

The Muslim experience include visits and lectures to historic mosques, prayer, halal dining, talims and an opportunity to sit and break bread with our Asian brothers and sisters. The China tour experience includes the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Warriors, the Silk Road, Arts, Music and Theatre.

Our 5 city 20 day tour has the option of a lesser included package options of :

Similar Islamic and Cultural tours will include South East Asia, Russia, Australia, South America, Central America and Africa for the purpose of exposing our clients and community to a broader Global Perspective.

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