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Centillion 2 Business Solutions

What is The Mission of Centillion 2 Business Solutions?

The Law Offices of Craig L. Thorpe, P.C as part of its Financial Initiative seeks to educate the community and its clients about economic opportunities. This includes collaborations with Centillion 2 Business Solutions which is a wholly-owned women and minority business built on a foundation of Customer First and designed to create a better world for all by providing disruptive, creative and innovative business solutions worldwide to small, medium and large-scale business in the areas of energy, technology, telecommunications, and other life-essential services.

How does Centillion 2 fit into the CLTPC's objectives?

Centillion 2 allows us to aid our clients in the community to develop a secondary source of income by becoming a Solutions Specialist with Centillion 2 Business Solutions. Solutions Specialist can earn up to 40% in commissions.

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