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Global Diversity Concepts, Inc

What is The Mission of Global Diversity Concepts, Inc?

The Law Offices of Craig L. Thorpe, P.C as part of its Educational Initiative to address systematic racism and discrimination in the workplace is partnering with GDC, Inc with the objective to help establish a more diverse and inclusive environment. 

How does Global Diversity fit into CLTPC's objectives?

Global Diversity Inc. uses SPA training program which is designed to educate the corporation, its executive, and its employees on the importance of global diversification and inclusion. This leads to a greater corporate variation to help its relationship with its expanding international clientele. GDC does this by: 

STRENGTHENING and bridging the often-overlooked diversity gap between your company and the globally diverse community

PROMOTING and enhancing global diversity in the modern Corporate world to fulfill the needs of your company to ensure economic growth.

ADVANCING human achievement through education, training and consultation, which assists your Company, Cultural Diversity and Awareness.

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